Reduce claims, increase reach, and every person home safe.

The solution

As insurance costs continue to increase, digitizing client engagement enables insurance carriers to service more clients effectively.


Scale your reach to prospective clients

Screen prospective clients more effectively, rapidly expanding your revenue.


Provide seamless new client onboarding

Quickly onboard new clients and implement the tools needed for their success.


Strengthen current client communication

Increase accessibility for clients to safety professionals through easy-to-use messaging tools


Improve client safety programs & culture

Expand client access to safety resources to reduce claims and lower costs.

Introducing Atlas

Atlas reduces claims by minimizing friction points between carriers and clients through its effective digital platform.

Atlas Data

Improve Data

Streamlined data, visualized in a consumable way provides simple actionable analysis for all stakeholders.

Increase Loss
Control Efficiency

Easily send, receive, and review forms needed to more effectively service a larger book of clients.

Atlas Forms
Atlas Client Engagement

Increase Client Engagement

Connect more intimately and help clients more effectively through advanced messaging tools.

Create lasting connections with clients today