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Unsure if
you are overpaying for insurance?

Even with a "discount" most companies are overpaying insurance premiums and workers' comp. Few know why.

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Overpaying hurts

80% of construction companies overpay for insurance due to a lack of cost-saving knowledge and poor producer relationships, risking your competitiveness in job bids.


Your carrier wants to lower your rates

Insurance carriers want you to be safe, but don't have the tools today to understand your risk. Mojo was developed to help companies provide accurate and valuable information to help lower your rates.

Time to save

Mojo is a safety app with enhanced auditing, observations, goal-setting, and controls, enabling your broker to reduce your carrier rate with equivalent or superior coverage. You care about safety, isn't it time your carrier knew that?

Change behavior at the point of risk

Report more easily to carriers

Lower insurance rates
and premiums

Companies who use Mojo have:


Reduced their eMods.

Companies who understand their risk and take measures to reduce it, have a financial advantage over their competitors.

Saved thousands of hours.

By digitizing safety inspections, observations, and audits, companies reduce unnecessary tasks and save employee hours.

Lowered insurance costs.

An interdependent safety culture can earn companies insurance carrier discounts and reduce workers' comp. premiums.

Avoid project disadvantages, don't overpay for insurance.