Reduce insurance costs and improve safety, with a tool every team will love

The solution

In many insurance ecosystems, the challenge is that not every person is safe, and costs are increasing.


Reduce injury claims and insurance costs

Use data and insights to understand current safety behaviors and take action to reduce incidents, and costs.


Automated accountability & compliance

Drive employee specific accountability, to facilitate compliance while increasing transparency.


Establish an interdependent culture

Improve your safety culture by empowering individuals through changed behavior, mindsets, and habits.


Build, scale, & improve your safety program

Whether you consider yourself a large or a small organization, Mojo is scalable to your specific needs.

Introducing Mojo

Mojo helps reduce incidents through leading indicator data while increasing productivity through an enhanced safety culture.

Mojo Dashboard

Real-Time Dashboards

Mojo's real-time dashboards centralize data for key stakeholders, making transparent and actionable analysis simple.

Your Safety Program

Mojo's platform, is built by safety professionals for safety professionals. Digitizing and improving your safety program to transform your company beyond compliance to culture.

Mojo Actions
Mojo Goals and Controls

Goals and Controls

Set specific and measurable goals to drive accountability for every employee, facilitate compliance, and increase transparency.

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