Emotional Well-Being Through a Pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic is beyond all of us. Many things are occurring daily that are out of our control, uncertainty with job, health, food, family. Even keeping up with the evolving information about Covid- 19 can be overwhelming. Your jobsite has changed, how you work has changed, how you live has changed for the foreseeable future. Here are some ways to help you navigate these difficult times.

KEY POINTS - It is OK to feel “off kilter” and nervous. Being aware and acknowledging your feelings is the first step in understanding yourself and trying to make sense of what is going on around you. - Tasks and duties will most likely take more time, slow down, stay focused and pay attention to what you are needing to do at that time. Your productivity will be affected, and you can navigate the changes, be patient with yourself and others. - Feeling more tired than normal is common. Make sure you are aware of that and keep safe at the work site. Try and get extra rest when you are off work and avoid stimulants or alcohol that may disrupt your normal sleep cycle. - Communication can be more difficult during this time. Take extra time to listen to others, be patient as changes occur and be patient with yourself as you communicate as well. - Accidents can increase during this time. Take your day slower, move with intention by paying attention to what is happening now versus worrying about other things, which are usually the things that you cannot control.

Questions for discussion - How is my mental outlook? Am I overwhelmed and not able to function? If the answer is yes, please reach out to a mental health professional, your supervisor and/or a loved one. - Pay attention to co-workers and their response and actions around the work site and tasks. If you notice what may appear to be an emotional struggle (outbursts, anger, frustration) talk with them and see if you can help them reach out for help - What stigmas around mental health are common amongst workers? Do I promote the stigma or do I support efforts for good mental and emotional health on the job site? is focused on helping every employee be safe every day. See how we can help keep your essential workforce safe under the current pandemic at

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