Keeping the job site Germs Contained

Leaving work at the worksite is important on all levels. Keeping germs, site contaminants and other potential hazards at the work site is key to keeping you and your loved ones safe.


- Practice good hand sanitation, wash hands frequently and at end of workday prior to leaving work site.

- Carry a change of clothes in your vehicle just in case you need to change before your get into your car.

- At home, remove clothes in garage or laundry room, shower and put on clean clothes before a lot of interaction with your family.

- Put contaminated clothes or items in plastic bags in the back or trunk part of your vehicle.

- Any tools or equipment needs to be wiped down at end of shift and before transporting in a vehicle.

Questions for discussion

- How well am I doing this already? Is there room for improvement?

- How can I set examples for my crew or coworkers in this area?


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