Keeping the Jobsite Clean

Edify has put together these safety shares to use with your frontline teams, for a 2-3 minute discussion. See more at

Keeping the Jobsite Clean: A clean jobsite is a safe jobsite.

KEY POINTS - With the fears of pandemic, being clean is just as important as ever. - At this time, no one really knows how soon a person can share the illness. - Studies show virus’ live on different surfaces different length of times. Again, it is critically important to be healthy at work. - Cleaning up as you work minimizes the chance of you or someone else coming into contact with something that could be contaminated. - Own it if you make the mess. - Clean as you go.

Questions for discussion - How can you use this information today? - How can this help keep us safe? - Any thoughts that anyone wants to share? is focused on helping every employee be safe every day. See how we can help keep your essential workforce safe under the current pandemic at #safety #covid19 #safetymanagement


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