Making Safety Simple

Edify has put together these safety shares to use with your frontline teams, for a 2-3 minute discussion.

Making Safety Simple for you: Incorporating safety into what you do on a daily basis doesn’t have to be difficult.

KEY POINTS - Make sure you are awake and aware, show up to work ready to go. - Think about the tasks at hand. - What are the hazards that can hurt you while doing your tasks? - Do the opposite of what can hurt you – follow safe work practices. - If you don’t know the safe work practices, STOP and ask, not everyone knows everything. - Stop and reassess as your task or hazards change.

Questions for discussion - How can you use this information today? - How can this help keep us safe? - Any thoughts that anyone wants to share? is focused on helping every employee be safe every day. See how we can help keep your essential workforce safe under the current pandemic at

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