Social Distancing at the Jobsite

Edify has put together these safety shares to use with your frontline teams, for a 2-3 minute discussion.

Social Distancing at the Jobsite: It’s not always easy, but it’s possible. Most of the time.

KEY POINTS - Staying six feet or more away from the next person limits the amount of snot or saliva you can get on you if your coworker next to you forgets to cover their mouth. - If you need to work in teams closer than six feet, make sure you’re healthy. - Do not face directly at each other’s face. - Only stay within the six feet of others the least amount of time as possible. - Do not share aerial or scissors lifts. - When taking break or eating lunch do not gather together. - Take the time to wipe down and sanitize the surface you are using. Someone before you may have been ill while sitting where you sit.

Questions for discussion - How can you social distance while working in teams? - How can this help keep us safe? - Any thoughts that anyone wants to share? is focused on helping every employee be safe every day. See how we can help keep your essential workforce safe under the current pandemic at


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